MSISDN Gateway

Goal of the Service

MSISDN Gateway server allows people to log-on BrowserID applications using a validated phone number.

MSISDN Gateway server propose multiple ways to validate the phone number with regards to the country, operator and validation cost.


  • The MSISDN supports multiple verification flows with regards to the MSISDN and MCC/MNC codes.
  • The client can discover availables verification methods using the /discover endpoint.
  • The client /register to get an Hawk session that will be valid until a /unregister call.
  • The client can verify one and only one number per session.
  • The client can use its Hawk session to generate as many BrowserID certificates (valid for maximum a day) as needed until the /unregister call, there is not automatic expiration of the Hawk session.
  • A mobile number can be validated by multiple session (one per device or per app. i.e: One for Loop and one for the Marketplace.)

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