Secure-Registration (Mozilla specific)


The Sreg service is used internally in the Mozilla infrastructure for security reasons and it is most likely that you will never need it outside Mozilla.

Goal of the Service

The Sreg server provides web services on the top of the authentication back-end that can be used to:

  • create a new user
  • delete a user
  • change a user password
  • e-mail password reset codes
  • delete password reset codes

It’s used by the mozilla auth backend in server-core in order to separate system writes that can be done with the users credentials from those that require ldap admin credentials. This provides an additional level of security by keeping the auth credentials only on a box with limited access. The mozilla backend is used by the Authentication server and the Account manager server.

Note that some write operations (2) are not delegated, like changing the DN & the e-mail address of the user, so the Account manager will still bind for writes as the user.

Sreg does not require any authentication, as it is not intended to be used without first going through a primary gateway that performs any necessary authentication before proxying the requests. The server must remain private to our infrastructure with as little outside access as possible