About this Website

This website is created using Sphinx.

The source of this website is under version control at (It also lives in a Mercurial repository at However, the GitHub repository is favored as it is simpler for non-Mozilla people to contribute.)

If you want to change the content of this website, changes will need to be made to the master branch of the aforementioned Git repository.

This can be done one of several ways:

Generating Documentation

To generate the docs from source, you’ll need to obtain Sphinx along with some extensions.

Assuming you are using Virtualenv:

$ virtualenv sphinx-env
$ source sphinx-env/bin/activate
# You are now in the fresh virtualenv for Sphinx.

# Install dependencies.
$ pip install sphinx sphinxcontrib-seqdiag mozilla_sphinx_theme

# Build HTML docs.
$ make html

By default, the Makefile looks for sphinx-build in your PATH. If you have sphinx-build elsewhere, just pass the path to the Makefile:

$ make html SPHINXBUILD=/path/to/sphinx-build

Directory Structure

The source is located in the source directory and contains:

  • howtos: a directory with How Tos
  • server-devguide: server development guide, guidelines, how to release a server app etc.
  • one directory per Server application (reg, sreg, etc.)

Update process

The website is located in a svn repository which gets regular snapshots of the HTML structure generated by Sphinx. This should run automatically (i.e. changes checked into GitHub should automatically propagate to the official web site). If this does not happen, please send a message to the mailing list and request an update.