Response codes

These are the error response codes used by the various services.

Server-produced response codes

Code Description
1 Illegal method/protocol
2 Incorrect/missing CAPTCHA
3 Invalid/missing username
4 Attempt to overwrite data that can’t be overwritten (such as creating a user ID that already exists)
5 User ID does not match account in path
6 JSON parse failure
7 Missing password field
8 Invalid Weave Basic Object
9 Requested password not strong enough
10 Invalid/missing password reset code
11 Unsupported function
12 No email address on file
13 Invalid collection
14 (1.1 and up) User over quota
15 The email does not match the username
16 Client upgrade required
17 Size limit exceeded

Infrastructure-produced response codes

These response codes are generated by the Mozilla Services infrastructure, particularly load balancers. They will not occur in self-hosting scenarios.

If you observe these values in a 503 response in Sync logs, please contact Services Operations.

These codes are temporarily a mixture of strings and numeric values. This inconsistency will be resolved at a future date.

Code Description
“server issue: pool exhausted” An unexpected server error occurred: pool is empty.
“server issue: getVS failed”  
“server issue: prefix not set”  
“server issue: host header not received from client”  
“server issue: database lookup failed”  
“server issue: database is not healthy”  
“server issue: database not in pool”  
“server issue: database marked as down”